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Our Story

Pass between the twin stone elephants on Jalan Ambarawati in Lotunduh, Ubud and enter the world of Villa Kitty. Born in 2009 in the corner of an established dog shelter, Villa Kitty officially began life as a refuge for Bali’s destitute cats and kittens in 2011. Today, it is a busy, colourful and ordered village where the disadvantaged feline, and yes, canine residents are honoured, treated, loved and ultimately adopted.

Greetings at the front door are enthusiastically delivered by Kanga dog, who oversees the adjacent, spacious Boarding facilities. Venture into the building proper amid the gowned, proficient staff and vociferously vocal cats and dogs, where specifically designated rooms accommodate their residents, according to their needs. The Retirement Village, where mature mothers rest and await adoption and the West Village, where eligible young cats dream of their new families, both offer day beds and restful cushions. Two legged visitors to Villa Kitty are urged to lie back, spend time and enjoy the ridiculous play or soothing comfort of these healthy beauties.

The front line of animal welfare sees many casualties and Villa Kitty has resources to assess and manage the wounded and damaged. Our vets operate in a clean and safe surgery and those cats and kittens requiring quarantine have a discrete wing of suites. Respiratory sufferers are cared for separately and there is a dedicated hospital nursery for tiny patients. And then of course there is the ward that all our visitors, adult and child, love: the nursery, where heart-meltingly beautiful babies gaze with hope toward a safe and loving future.

Finally in the middle of our village, is the Playground Bale. Colourful outdoor furniture and adventuresome outdoor cats are there for your enjoyment. Sit down, chat with a cat, look about. There might be local school children, participating in Villa Kitty’s educational program. There will be Villa Kitty staff, cleaning, feeding, nursing and nurturing their charges. There might be a happy family, finalising their adoption of a new family member. There will be the boisterous Villa Kitty dogs, asserting their right to cohabit with the hundred and fifty or so cats and kittens for whom the village is named.

Villa Kitty has come a long way in a few short years. We have a long way to go. Take the journey with us: become part of the Villa Kitty story.

We have many exciting goals for the future.

The financial support we have received from our supporters around the world has been instrumental in our rapid success and growth. Your continued dedication and assistance will continue to advance our efforts.

Help us get the following programs underway . . .

  • “Every Child Deserves a Kitten” is a sponsored program that unites cats and children

  • A Learning Centre here at Villa Kitty is to build upon our existing school education program by providing hands on experience in the peaceful surroundings of the Rainbow Room and West Wings at Villa Kitty.

  • Promote kitten fostering with families who are not permanent residents

  • Provide emergency service for injured cats and home visits for those unable to visit Villa Kitty Bali.

Inspired by the work of Villa Kitty Foundation on Bali, Villa Kitty Australia was established as an Australian registered charity in November 2018 with a goal of helping to fulfil Villa Kitty Foundation’s mission in Australia, contributing to a kinder world for animals.

While Villa Kitty Australia's rescue work is physically located in Adelaide, South Australia, its influence aims to be global, connecting travellers from Australia with Villa Kitty in Bali and promoting responsible tourism that helps to protect animals, particularly cats.

As with Villa Kitty Foundation on Bali, the Australian operations rely completely on donations. Villa Kitty Australia will also directly support the Foundation on Bali.

Villa Kitty Australia is run entirely by experienced and committed volunteers and works together with the best local veterinarians and similar charities to offer the following services to the community:

  • Kitten and cat rescue

  • Sterilization, microchipping & initial vaccination

  • Emergency and longer term foster care

  • Rehoming (to appropriate indoor homes)

  • Kitten and cat care advice and support

We welcome new supporters, volunteers, foster carers, and of course, adopters! Please get in touch with us via Facebook, Instagram or email.

Cats & Kittens

Just a few of the many cats & kittens Villa Kitty helps.

Visit our Facebook and Instagram for more photos.

Our Team

The Villa Kitty team works hard to save the lives of Bali’s abandoned cats and kittens. In addition to offering them safe and comfortable shelter we provide quality veterinary care and advice, sterilisation programs, responsible cat adoption services, education programs to promote responsible cat ownership, love and rehabilitation.

Visitors are welcome to cuddle or adopt our cats on Wed-Sat 10am-4pm and Sun 11am-3pm. Please email or WhatsApp +6281339175004 to let us know you are coming

Contact Us

Phone: +6281339175004 or +6282147944216

Address: Jalan Ambarawati Banjar Tengah, LODTUNDUH, Ubud, Bali


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